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Ben Fry's Fathom Information Design has released the video documentation of 2 interactive visualization installations that are meant to appear on large touch screens in the lobby of GE's headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut. Due to its intended physical setting, the visualization had to work from a distance as well as close by, balancing artistic quality with the fact that the animations were informed by real data, generated by machines in the real world. Accordingly, order, shape, size, direction, and color all have some meaning, and emerging patterns can often be interpreted or evoke thoughts of the actual events and actions that the data signifies.

The "Powering" visualization is based on the data containing the location and power output from 713 unique gas turbines during 15 successive days. Patterns emerge as turbines that share time zones turn on and off simultaneously, while the according animated line graphs 'roll' towards the center in unison. T

The "Curing" visualization is based on about 125,530 distinct CT and MR scans that were conducted using GE equipment during a 24-hour period. The globe reveals the geo-location of the scans, while the timelines indicate the number of scans occurring each minute

More detailed information can be found here [fathom.info], or watch both movies below.


how are these things made?

Mon 13 Feb 2012 at 10:21 PM
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