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It is that happy time of year again: information designer Nicholas Felton has released his latest year report, this time covering a two-year period. As usual, the biennial report covers almost all the quantified facts and statistics of the daily life of Nicholas, which he painstakingly records through careful note taking, as well as analyzing his Last.fm and FitBit statistics.

The covered topics of the report include trivial things like the places he visited or the most popular beverages he drank. These statistics have been filtered by local versus overseas location, as well as the actual person he was accompanied with.

The real joy of reading such reports, however, hides in reading the juicy anecdotes, such as the number of tsunami warnings he luckily survived or the car accidents he experienced, in addition to discovering various small annotations on the data graphics, that clarify the impact of some events, such as the long itinerary to Australia or the unfortunate death of his father.

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