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Ville Vivante [villevivante.ch] represents the digital traces created by the constant movement of mobile phones in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

A particle flow-field inspired map provides a view of the 'liveliness' of the people using their cell phone as they move about, as the activities and directions are embodied by the density of lines shown on the map. A circular bar graph conveys the direction of people over a time period of 24 hours, by contrasting the movements coming into the city, with those activities that are going outside. Finally, a dotted timeline compares the cumulative activity of the city per hour and per day, as the size and brightness of each unique bubble indicates the aggregate of activity over a specific period of time.

One tip: be sure to select the links 'Posters' and then 'Explore' to enjoy a few simple forms of interactivity.





I second a ttourial on network maps. I am interested in something simple. For example, a map showing flows between pairs of geographies (nodes). In my mind it looks like a combination of the bible image of the colored arcs representing paths (possibly with the width weighted for volume) superimposed on a map (maybe from an ESRI shapefile?).fyi Nathan, I used the treemap ttourial to create a couple maps. Besides being popular with coworkers, the visualizations generated quite a bit of discussion that did not happen when I showed them the same results in a spreadsheet a few weeks back. Thanks!

Mon 16 Apr 2012 at 5:43 AM
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