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Bloom Studio, which includes people like Ben Cerveny and Tom Carden, has just released its latest pop-cultural data expression. Biologic [bloom.io] is a (free!) iPad app that promotes the playful exploration of the activity streams of your friends on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Here, Bloom has chosen a metaphor of biological cells, to graphically and dynamically convey one's social network and the activities that happen inside of it. As a result, it's graphical style is unique, to say the least.

In terms of visual representation, each 'cell' in Biologic represents a unique person. People who have posted more content recently have bigger cells. Each glowing 'particle' inside a cell represents a recent update from that respective person. The more a particle is moving around, the more retweets/favorites/likes it has.

See also the Planetary music exploration iPad app from Bloom.