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The Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index [climateinstitute.org.au] designed by Pitch Interactive contrasts the performance of a predefined set of countries along 3 different parameters that relate to the issue of carbon emissions.

The parameters in question consist of: "Early Preparation" (the steps a country has taken to move towards a low-carbon economy), "Sectorial Composition" (the degree to which a country is reliant upon an emissions-intensive structure), and "Future Prosperity" (the societal aspects that are important for both current and future prosperity).

Each first view shows an overview of the rankings of the countries in addition to their relative change since 1995 for each of the parameters. In addition, each separate country can be selected to vertically expand into revealing its respective historical trend for that parameter since the year 1995.


This is great ! I wonder if they used a javascript library to create this chart, I'd love to use it on my own site.

Tue 27 Mar 2012 at 12:34 PM
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