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Diagrammer [diagrammer.com] is a new service offered by Duarte Design, a presentation design agency responsible for some well-known presentations, including Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

Diagrammer is based on an intriguing business proposition. So, here you are, in the middle of designing a Powerpoint presentation, and clueless how to visualize the next hypercomplex concept containing heaps of relationships. Based on a topology of 5 different kinds of relations - Flow, Join, Netwerk, Segment, or Stack - you can now browse a collection of over 4,000 unique diagrams and pick the one that suits your communication goals the most. Ranging from 3D network rings, broken-up flow arrows to some interesting alternative renditions of the good-old pie chart, Diagrammer should be able to help you out. $0.99 per diagram, that is.