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We are crossing the next frontier: putting animated infographics within the public, physical space. Infographic journalist David McCandless, also known as also known as the man behind the "Information Is Beautiful" phenomenon, has just released a spectacular and life-size infographic titled "Graphic World" [ft.com] for the newspaper The Financial Times.

The installation consists of a series interactive 3D infographics that are projected in the Vanderbilt Hall in New York's Grand Central Terminal. The projection shows 3 short films that cover business, economic and technological topics, in order to demonstrate the global breadth and expertise of the financial newspaper.

If you are not living or working in New York, you can experience the projected infographics in the movie documentaries below. This documentation shows the clever use of nicely framed and quite spectacular 3D perspective effects, and the mentioning of an "interactive mat" that somehow allows people to explore and steer the animations. As a side note, the movies also show plenty of new material to fill many blog posts of critical visualization experts.

Via @blprnt and Mashable.