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Pulse [greenbuildingsalive.com], beautifully designed by Andrea Lau's venture Small Multiples, tracks and visualizes the patterns of electricity use in about 50 office buildings located in Australia.

As a private initiative of the Investa Sustainability Institute, this website focuses on the role of the building owner and building manager to make existing commercial office buildings 'greener'. As such, the visualizations allow these stakeholders to compare the performance of their building with those of others, for instance to identify patterns that might be out of the ordinary, or share tips and insights that might emerge from exploring the actual performance data.

The various line graphs reveal an almost real-time look to the actual electricity usage, and contrasts the information to the environmental parameters like ambient temperature, humidity and the like. Hovering over the large graph reveals a comparison between the data and that of a typical day. Energy usage can be dissected by the actual activity (e.g. lifts, HVAC, etc.), and up to 4 different buildings can be compared.