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Visual.ly recently has released [visual.ly] a few more tools to build customized infographics that tell your story. At their original launch already a "Twitter Visualizer" was featured. This service is now joined by several others that require no design skills from the user, just their social media service password (and quite some patience while the graphic is being created), including:
. Life of a Hashtag (which charts the history of a Twitter hashtag),
. Facebook Insider (a tool for page admins),
. Facebook Monsterizer (similar to the Twitterize tool it formerly showed off),
. Twitter Showdown (which pits two accounts against one another to find a winner), and
. Facebook Realtime Insights (still in development...)

And Visual.ly will not stop here, as they plan to release further tools that hook into specific topics like food, sports, or ... politics (that will be interesting). Eventually users will be able to personalize the resulting graphics, for instance by making their own themes and templates.

In an interview published at FastCo, Visual.ly claims the automatic creation of infographics fills a specific need. For now, their business model seems logical, once they succeed in replacing the default Excel charts shown in blog posts, school projects and work presentations by the slick graphics of Visual.ly-branded diagrams. Was Swivel simply too expert-focused, or too early for its time?

Via Digital Trends and FastCo.

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