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Global Migration Patterns [mpg.de] by the German Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity contains a set of interactive instruments that visualize the latest global migration data.

The "International Migration Flows shows the different flows to - and from - selected OECD-countries between the years 1970-2007. It illustrates the concept of "Superdiversity", or how during the last 2 decades more people than ever have moved between different locations worldwide.

The outer circle shows the number of emigrants, with each bar represents a country of origin and each color conveying a unique continent. The inner circle shows the number of immigrants. One can "zoom" into the data by choosing a specific threshold, which truncates the bars to a maximum value.

The Global Migration By Origin visualization conveys the societal diversity in about 225 countries according to their historical census results. For each country in the list, a population is grouped by origin or citizenship. Again, an emergent pattern of increasing diversity of societies can be observed. A specific country can be selected in a world map, which also reveals a bar charts that conveys the different countries of origin, with each color representing a continent.

Global Migration By Destination uses the same concept, but from an inverse perspective. It thus shows where people tend to leaving their country of birth to move to somewhere else.

Finally, in each interfaces, countries can be compared next to each other.

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