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San Diego-based start-up Easel.ly [easel.ly] is offering a beta service that allows lay people to design and implement their own "infographics" via an online editor. The user-based customization of infographics seems to be the next phase after the automatic generation of infographics, and has already been promised by community websites like visual.ly.

For now, easel.ly allows users to drag and drop predefined and uploaded vector images on pre-designed canvases and themes for easy creation and customization of infographics. According to the founders Patrick Alcoke and Neil Harris, all themes have been designed by graphic designers to ensure the highest quality for their users to start with.

The service is currently still in beta and thus free. The editor also resembles more an online vector shape canvas with a library of flashy infographic imagery, than a workable tool that makes the mapping of numerical values to believable shapes more efficient or compelling. Yet, we'll need to see what the future brings.



When I tried this out a few weeks ago my verdict was it was like an online Microsoft Powerpoint without the slideshow features and with even less flexibility, and with a small clipart library.

I'm surprised it's being promoted here.

Fri 11 May 2012 at 11:47 AM
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