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A few days ago, we posted the website Easel.ly, a new web-based service that aims to empower lay users to design infographic-like illustrations within the browser. Unfortunately, Easel.ly seems more apt in combining infographic-like images on a canvas, than to link real numerical data to a graphical form.

So here comes Infogr.am [infogr.am], another competitor towards semi-automatic, web-based infographics editing. Developed by a start-up based in Riga (Latvia), though now based in London, the online service offers a collection of infographic themes as well as different interactive chart types (e.g. bar graph, line chart, pie chart, matrix chart, and so on). Note that next to the basic visual style, they also offer some more 'humorist' approaches (such mapping the tongue of a frog as a horizontal bar). Users, which should include journalists, bloggers, data professionals, education, financial experts and designers, can then customize their infographic by adding multiple charts underneath each other, and configure them with their own personal data.

User-generated charts can then be embedded in third-party websites (see example below) or be linked to by dedicated URLs.

So will there be a time where all infographics will look really alike?