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Müsli Ingredient Network [stefaner.eu] is a graphic meant for the print medium that shows how the customers of the German start-up MyMuesli tend to combine different müsli ingredients together.

Although one of the smaller projects designed by "truth and beauty operator" Moritz Stefaner, it still offers a small set of information graphics, such as a straight-forward radial network visualization, in which the ingredients are grouped by category, such as base mueslis, fruit, nuts, sweets, and so on. An additional "surprise factor" matrix visualization provides a more helpful view in revealing the links between the ingredients. Here, the circles represent link strengths between pairs of ingredients, while the saturation and darkness of a circle indicates the "unexpectedness" of that respective link strength.

Some of the insights discovered include how fruit is the most popular ingredient, and how different fruits are often combined with each other. Sweets and nuts, however, are rarely combined. Most people pick not more than a single sweet ingredient, while the link between pineapple and papaya seems stronger correlated than pineapple and mango.

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