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Fat or Fiction [fatorfiction.info] consists of a series of cute infographic-styled (think bubble charts, bar graphs, scatter plots and sunburst graphs) photographs of different pieces of food, such as cakes, chocolate bars and cocktails .

The charts are meant to depict the various nutritional values of said food items in relation to each other.




This seemed like a great idea but the actual site does nothing and whilst it looks nice it functions poorly. 1. They won't let it work on small screens. 2. It seems they are loading big images (500k for the cheese image above) and the whole experience just feels laggy. 3. As in the cheese example, the big wedge of cheese is 14% and so is the one directly under it?! The smallest wedge is 10%. 4. Of what? Of the total amount of cheese displayed, the recommended daily amount? There is a little note about it being the total of the collection but the premis of the site was to remove confusion.
The way i see it I'd have to hover over each cheese to see that cottage cheese and feta have the least amount.
The chocolate one was better but now the % of fat is per bar not percentage of all the chocolate there. The chips are per bag but it would appear on rollover that it's the amount of fat in the amount shown.
Nice idea but there is just too much thinking and interpreting required.

Wed 13 Jun 2012 at 4:12 PM
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