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Energy Technology Perspectives [iea.org] was developed by Raureif in collaboration with Christian Behrens for the International Energy Agency (IEA). The work consists of 3 interactive visualizations that illustrate how the overall energy system should evolve from now to 2050 in terms of emission reductions, energy flows and transport indicators.

The "Emissions Reduction" line graph visualisation shows the impact of countries, technologies and sectors on carbon dioxide emissions in the decades to come.

The "Energy Flows" visualisation focuses on the transport, industry and buildings sectors, highlighting the different fuels (from oil to biofuels), sectors (from petrochemicals to residential) and end uses (from water heating to lighting) that will be affected in the years ahead. Presented as an interactive Sankey-style flow diagram, it illustrates how the overall energy system and the 3 sectors will have to evolve from now to 2050 to reduce emissions so that average global temperature only increases with 2°C.

The "Transport" visualisation compares a range of selected indicators - from annual roadway travel to roadway length - across countries and regions.

For those who like a warmer climate at home, one can choose between the 2°C, 4°C. and 6°C scenarios.