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The Civil War [elibrosen.com] is the final student project of Eli Rosen for Golan Levin's Interactive Art and Computational Design course of 2012.

The project provides a data-driven interface to explore the stories and facts behind the U.S. Civil War. Accordingly, people are able to navigate its history chronologically (via an interactive timeline) or geographically (via an interactive map).

The timeline acts as a bidirectional bar graph that pairs the casualties for the Union and the Confederacy for each battle, providing an intuitive impression for the scale of the battle and for how evenly casualties were distributed. A dual slider acts as a time range selector.

The map plots all battles geographically, in which color and size corresponds to who won and how many casualties occurred. Hovering over the battles provides summary information, while clicking on the battle opens a new window with a brief description of what happened.

The final information panel provides summary statistics about the selected range of battles, such as how many battles are fought, the total casualties on each side, and the victories on each side.

More background information about this project is available here.

Via Golan Levin's Interactive Art and Computational Design Course.