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The Rising of Olympic Mountains [visualizing.org] is a decidedly minimal data visualization by Christian Gross and featured on Visualizing.org. A timeline lets you explore the 112 years of Olympic games under the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Advancing in years shows the accumulation of medals and current medals for each country and each sport. The "mountains" are created by ordering by medal count for each sport and arranging them from the center outward. It took some time to determine the sorting of the countries, which is apparently, the IOC rank which takes into account gold, silver, and bronze placements.

The bar chart mountains and small multiples are surprisingly effective (although the US could benefit from a log scale).

Via @JanWillemTulp.

Thanks to @jetstream and @janwaechter for helping me figure out the unlabeled numbers and sorting.

Kim Rees is a partner at Periscopic, a socially-responsible data visualization firm.