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His And Hers Colors [datapointed.net] by artist and scientist Stephen Von Worley is a beautifully rendered - yet HTML5-based - bubble plot of the 2,000 most commonly-used color names. The data was harvested from the huge sample results of XKCD's color name survey.

Each color preference is sized by relative usage and positioned horizontally by average hue and vertically by gender preference (women at the top and men at the bottom). A dashed line represents the 50-50 split, or the equal usage by both sexes. Near the middle, the huge ovals correspond to the most common colors, such as green, blue, purple, and so on. The color cyan is most 'male', while women tend to describe colors according to warm-fuzzy descriptive names.

More reasoning behind this graph can be found here and here.

Via @albertocairo.