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The results of the long-awaited Open Data Cooking Workshop [data-cuisine.net] in Helsinki have been posted online. The workshop, organized by some very open-minded visualization fanatics, investigated new ways to represent data through the inherent characteristics of food, such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition or origin.

The workshop encouraged participants to express data in concrete, sensually experienceable food in order to gain insight into the constructions and relations of media. At the end of the workshop, an open data menu was created and publicly tasted.

Some examples: "Lettuce de Lux consists of 4 different maps of Finland, made up of 4 different lettuce salads, representing the seasons. Kippis! shows the typical local alcohol consumption patterns in Finland. The Happiness Cocktail use shrimp and rice to represent smiling Facebook friends and number of friends, respectively. Spiced foreigners between pasta represents the ethnic mix in Finland via a spice gradient from 1990 on one side of the lasagna, to 2011 on the other side of the lasagna.