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Comparing Energy Efficiency in the San Gabriel Valley [pmcworld.com] by San Francisco-based Stamen Design, reveals how the people living in several cities in southern California perform in terms of energy efficiency, such as how much electricity and natural gas they use, how far they drove, how much waste they generated, together with other metrics.

The map features custom-made terrain background tiles, with outlines loosely following the municipality boundaries, but filled up by a matrix of squares based on whatever being compared. As a result, it is clear how municipalities like La Canada, Flintridge and Irwindale have the highest "Vehicle Miles Traveled", probably because these lay the furthest away from the center of the Valley.

Scrolling down the page shows much more interactive information graphics, such as an multi-dimensional, animated scatterplot and a fully clickable ranking.

More detailed information about this mapping piece can be found here.

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