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Lostalgic [intuitionanalytics.com], designed by Santiago Ortiz, is a comprehensive visualization tool to explore the story and characters of the popular television series Lost.

Based on data scraped from the popular fan site Lostpedia, the website offers access to a long list of every single line of dialogue from the 115 episodes during 6 seasons of the Lost.

Zooming in (that is: moving the mouse horizontally) in the first "Index View" reveals a chronological matrix of character headshots that each represent a single verbal exchange. The "Graph View" shows a weighted network of all pair-wise character relationships. Selecting a single character reveals the statistical performance of that individual, while each edge can be selected to show a pair's shared screen time (Venn diagram), as well as their co-occurrences and the other relations to the rest of the cast (treemap). The alternative "Matrix View" maps character pair-wise interactions in a single view by way of proportional surface Venn diagrams. Finally, the "Renactment View" provides a chronological recreation of the series as a thumbnail slideshow.

Via Creative Applications.

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