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The project State of the Polar Bear [npolar.no] by do-good data visualization studio Periscopic focuses on the increasingly negative fate of the polar bear. It raises the visibility of this environmental issue by allowing the public to explore 3 related data-driven topics: the actual subpopulations of polar bears, the different nations that are directly affected, and the eco-regions in which these populations currently live.

The size and complexity of the data is only revealed after a little while, in that data charts and statistics are only shown when particular parts of the map are selected. Even more detailed data charts appear after further exploration, in particular those that handle the harvesting of polar bears and air pollutants, even follow after that.

Much more detailed information about this piece, such as the unusual rationale behind its Flash implementation, can be found here.

Disclaimer: Periscopic is currently one of the sponsors of infosthetics.com.