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Whisper [whisperseer.com] is a new data visualization technique that traces how Twitter messages propagate, in particular in terms of its temporal trends, its social and spatial extent, and its community response.

The design of Whisper is based on the metaphor of how the seeds of a sun?ower are carried and dispersed by wind, animals or people. In analogy, the dots in the center of the sun?ower disc represent tweets about topics of interests. The lines forming the shapes of the sun?ower ray ?orets represent the diffusion pathways, tracing the path from the information source tweet to different groups of users who rebroadcast (retweet) the tweet. Lastly, user groups are represented by cluster icons located at the end of the ray ?orets.

Color hue is used to encode sentiments, with red, orange, and green corresponding to negative, neutral, and positive opinions respectively. The opacity is de?ned by how frequently a tweet has been retweeted. The size is used to encode in?uence, determined by the number of followers the user has.

Watch the explanatory movie below.

Whisper was presented at the IEEE Infovis/Visweek 2012 conference in Seattle.