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Beef Stakes, designed by art and technology student Sarah Hallacher, is a data representation of the amount of beef produced in the US during 2011, scaled down to only include the top 4 beef-producing states.

The height of each steak is mapped to the amount of beef that state produced (i.e. 1 inch per every billion pounds). The price tags show the amount of beef produced per state, the cost (per pound & total) to produce the beef, and how much beef each citizen would have had to consume to consume a whole state's yearly production. Each piece of meat is made from modeling clay, and the trays were created by joining existing styrofoam packaging.

Via @blprnt.




Who ever thought you'd see the day when meat was shaped like states and used to visually represent the amount of beef consumed there.

Fri 21 Dec 2012 at 9:11 AM
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