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SGV Money is an abbreviated name for "Socially Generative Visualization about Money" [visualnews.com].

Developed by information design studio ColumnFive to promote their recent book Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling, this visualization demonstrates the power of nudging the actual end-users to submit the actual data that is visualized. In that respect, this project is in essence not that much different from a forum poll diagram, or in a more sophisticated way, the opinion visualizations that have been spearheaded by The New York Times. Yet here, the data is acquired through a more traditional survey.

The results can be filtered by different socio-demographic statistics (on the right side), or by a topic-related question (at the bottom). Accordingly, it is interesting to see how gender-bias exists (women think women deal better with money and vice versa), and how true wisdom comes with age (a whopping 83% of men who are more than 56 years old prefer that women deal with money). Well it is really a wisdom thing, or only 3 people older than 56 years actually participated so far...

Disclaimer: Column Five is a sponsor of infosthetics.com