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Attention Radar [minddesign.info], designed by Mind Design, is a web app, specifically designed to be viewed on the iPad, that visualizes the changes in political agendas of the Netherlands over time.

The interactive, stacked area chart contrasts different institutional policy agendas, which were constructed by content-coding relevant textual statements, using a common policy topic classification system of 21 major topics (such as macroeconomics, foreign affairs, health etc.) and more specific subtopics for each of the major categories. The data itself was gathered from the Comparative Agendas Project, which contains several politically-relevant sources, such as Dutch coalition agreements, law proposals, speeches by Queen Beatrix and conclusions by the European Council.

Specific dataset sources and time periods can be selected, while the different topical themes can be switched on and off. The area chart can be mapped relatively as well as in absolute value, and the resulting ribbons can be sorted by size, name or code. A dual top-versus-bottom interface compares one dataset with another.

The actual interface can be explored here.