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If your interested in the life of Nicholas Feltron, or just want to enjoy some compelling infographics, somewhere in February-March, one can look forward to the next version of the Feltron year report. It is then good to know that today, the 2012 version [feltron.com] has been released.

Initiated by information designer (and now Facebook product designer) Nicholas Felton, the 'year report' concept - symptom and epitome of the whole 'quantified self' movement - commenced back in 2005-2006. Each single day, Nicholas has persisted in tracking his daily behaviors in different ways.

If you are interested in knowing more about the methodology behind this work, an interview is available here and here.

While there are plenty of other infographical reports around today that visualize the tracking, sensing and tracing of one's life, Feltron's versions stand out by their consistent yet minimalistic graphical style, which is often copied and re-used in other infographic illustrations. This year's version is not different, with a focus on densely but finely populated graphs and detailistic charts.