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Hot Shot Charts [hotshotcharts.com], developed by a small team of data scientists, analysts and visualization researchers of consulting form Accenture, provides a wide range of data-based insights of the NBA basketball competition matches that were played in 2012.

In the chord charts, the arc length represent the number of assists. The paths conveys the number of assists to and from players. Accordingly, one can conclude that differing widths of starting and ending paths mean that the pair of players do not give the same amount of assists to each other. In the shot heat maps, each shot is represented as a dot, located at the relative position on the court. The color of the dot indicates the "expected value", and the size signifies the number of attempted shots.

Notably, all diagrams are dynamically generated, and can be based on any combination of granular data, such as team, year, or home/away.

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