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a site-specific digital art exhibition of 5 different projects exploring themes of contemporary air travel & the architecture of airports at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

"Arrivals & Departures" is a "terribly impractical" dynamic display of airline arrival & departure times that reacts to the dynamic movements of passers-by.

"Touch & go" is an interactive animation that explores the secret life of the airport icon. users can send the "hero" on random encounters with the hazards & pitfalls of his flatland existence.

"Passage Oublie" is an interactive artwork allowing the public to send text messages that are then animated along flight trajectories on a map featuring airports involved in rendition flights.

this media installation was part of Year Zero One's Terminal Zero One installation at the Toronto International Airport.

[links: shiffman.net (arrivals & departures) touchandgoproject.ca (touch & go) & passageoublie.org (passage oublie)|thnkx Christopher]