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update: regrettably, I was asked to remove the two separate Duelity movies from YouTube. instead I have now added the parallel version, which only was added to YouTube by the original source after this post.

a compelling split-screen infographic animation that tells both sides (in reversed visual styles) of the story of Earth's origins in a provocative journey through human history & language.

while also enjoyable separately, the trick is to see both movies in parallel, either below each other (try to start both youtube movies simultaneously) either by starting the movie below, or side-by-side on the duelity website.

[link: duelity.net (high resolution versions)|thnkx Armando]


Thank you very much for posting.
This is just an amazing movie.

Wed 12 Dec 2007 at 7:35 PM

While the presentation format and style is amusing, its sad that the many (most?) of the facts in the science side are incorrect

Thu 13 Dec 2007 at 2:02 AM

i second disappointed. the science is sloppy. but even on formal terms, the choices are obvious and hackneyed. looks like a lot of effort went into this, but the concept is just a bit too forced, much like the name...

Thu 13 Dec 2007 at 3:40 AM
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