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The wooden data sculpture titled Fundament [anfischer.com] compares the allocation of the world's gross domestic product with the worldwide derivatives volume. The piece consists of two layers: the lower half is a mapping of the world's GDP and the top half is a mapping of the derivatives volume, alloted to the coordinates of the countries on a map. In turn, the horizontal arrangement equates to the Mercator projection of a world map and the vertical axis metaphorically corresponds to the financial activity of the country. The statistical data was aquired from the CIA World Factbook and the International Monetary Fund.

The data sculpture Indizes [anfischer.com] visualizes the stock market indices S & P 500, Dow Jones Industrial and NASDAQ in the year 2008 from January to November. The values are shown on the three peaks of the five rows of polygons. The data was provided by Google Finance.

These sculptures remind me of London Crime Statistics Data Sculpture and Phone Usage Data Sculpture, plus some of the work from Joshua Callaghan, Nicolas Lobo and Loren Madsen.





I love the 3d effect. Such a clever way to show data.

Sun 11 Jan 2009 at 5:39 PM
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