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The physical environment around the new 250-meter-long "Observation Deck B" [artcom.de] at Zurich Airport has been infographically enhanced by German interaction design studio ART+COM. Several media installations and interactive exhibits enable visitors to learn new insights about the airport and its activities on the tarmac.

The most magical addition consists of a set of see-through telescopes that overlay context-aware information on top of the live image, offering useful information about airport buildings and any airplanes that appear in view. To detect the exact physical position of the airplanes, specific data has to be gathered from the tower, such as a plane's type, destination or point of origin. In addition, the graphics that appear on the floor and some of the walls resemble the markings on the runway and act as a guidance system. As half of the visitors are children, the open-air exhibition also includes several educational panels and an airport-themed playground.

Thnkx Monika (who was also the art director of this project).








Why can't all airports be so friendly to visitors.
Looks very nice and educational for kids and adults alike.
Better then those grumpy folks on the British airports.

Fri 02 Mar 2012 at 6:00 PM
Leo de Haan

Nice One Zurich. Here in the U.K. airport authorities have used 'Security Issues' as an excuse to close off most viewing areas. I have always considered that today's 'viewer' could well be tomorrow's passenger. Observation areas encourage the 'want to fly' in people.
Waiving friends and relatives off on a journey instills in those being left behind, that next time they themselves could fly off to that exciting destination.

Fri 02 Mar 2012 at 10:52 PM
Terence Davies

Yes , at Zurich airport such a great gift for visitors and flying soon passengers to have such fantastic place to watch the incoming and outgoing aircrafts from this excellent observation deck there. The UK airports are quite boring to go there ! I am aviation enthusiast and nothing make me happier then to go to the airports to whatch the aircrafts there , but mostly the airports at the UK have NO view points there anymore ! How sad it this to know !

So lets go to Zurich , Frankfurt, Stuttgart wherre there the visitors are very welcome taking a great view over the runways there !

Gina from Germany

Sat 03 Mar 2012 at 10:39 AM

Bravo Zürich! Leave it to the Swiss! They do know the potential of public relations.

Tue 06 Mar 2012 at 4:56 AM
Andreas Bühler
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