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colorcalm.jpga new approach to media-driven interior decoration through 'programming positive atmospheres' that display aesthetic visual effects on a television screen. the company called 'colorcalm' sells DVDs that show ambient computer-generated effects created by various multimedia artists, similar to those dynamic visualizations of your favorite music player (only much slower). the newest DVD seems to feature famous people, including John Maeda (title 'Food Coloring', music by Ryuichi Sakamoto), Irma Boom ('Barcodes', with music by Michael Nyman) & Peter Saville ('Colour Wheel', music by New Order/Terranova). the next DVD is already in development & will feature the winning submissions determined by a competition. watch a small video snippet at the 'via' link. [colorcalm.com|via mocoloco.com]


Pretty Wild. $20 isn't awful for something like that either.. can't seem to find a runtime tho.

Mon 17 Oct 2005 at 1:27 AM

AmbienceVisuals.com has just released a new line of 9 Ambient DVDs with a similar idea as this.

The diverse line of 9 themed DVDs provides a visual complement for nearly any mood or environment and features imagery ranging from peaceful natural landscapes to high-octane dance visuals, contemporary photography to subtle, abstract forms. Each DVD is looped for seamless, automatic playback and features three soundtrack choices: chill out, new age and classical.

In its discerning attention to quality aesthetics, the Ambience Visuals line sets a new standard for style and sophistication in the burgeoning ambient DVD genre. Alluring visuals of light reflecting on water, shifting geometric forms or exotic cultures are a fresh and welcome contrast to the overused “Turn your TV into an aquarium” concepts currently flooding the market.

Wed 19 Apr 2006 at 8:42 PM
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