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girls ambient room uses sound, music, animation & light projections to visualize information at the periphery of human perception by subtly & artfully displaying personal communication data. the room was specially designed for Taiwan teenage girls, reflecting their aesthetic, their taste, & their values.
data is gathered from different chat services, email & comment entries to their personal online journals. when the user (the Taiwan teenager) is in her room & receives a message on MSN chat, she hears audio signals that are in tune with one another, & sees bubble-like visual animations are created on the wall. email traffic is represented by lines on the screen which start to animate & vibrate. the more email the more vigerous the animations.
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adult chairs are tangible interfaces integrated in everyday objects that allow for rudimentary control over a musical performance. a series of pressure sensors is integrated in tastefully designed four matching pillows & chairs. each pillow contains 2 sensors that control several parameters in a precreated music composition, including: fading in & out of a music track or voice, a subtle control over pitch, change in timbre, & a change in the sound of the voice. the interface is simply activated by sitting on the chairs or pressing on the pillows.