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gedankenraum.jpga 3D network browser that allows users to pan & rotate a large three-dimensional concept diagram. for the Austrian European Community presidency, 200 European key persons were questioned about their opinions on the strengths, weaknesses, chances & risks of the European Union. based on co-occurances of specific topics, 4 different network diagrams were created, representing a European 'thoughtscape' (gedankenraum). see also eurosong visualization & blog impact visualization for more euro-centered data representations. [aec.at]


Firstly this interface uses virtools, which when installed crashed Firefox on a PC.(I tried twice). When you try it using IE, despite the well meaning idea, the implementation especially regarding usability, readability sucks! So obviously the Austrian team responsible for this project should rethink their approach. Make it work on more browsers than IE and make an interface that you can actually practically use. Another good idea hijacked by poor decisions.

Tue 17 Jan 2006 at 9:05 PM
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