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a set of dynamic visual compositions of IP host addresses that seem to result from the real-time web access log of that site. the images are a representation of parameters that "vary randomly or are specified according to data suitable for the moment & the technical context in which the picture generation takes place. each picture is thus a representation in the field of possibles ones created by the code."
[datapainting.com (identity) & datapainting.com (time)]


I’ve always dreamed of a simple life wherein all I have to do is to live and paint and live and paint. But life is naturally complicated and in order to survive I must work for a living.

I thought that I can already buy that to-die-for canvass and that must-have easel because of the nice pay I’m getting from a computer-related job. But since I’m an addict to computers as much as I’m addicted to oil paints, I could hardly have time to eat lunch because of work. I feel so frustrated sometimes that because of my work I can no longer be the artist that I wish I could be.

Guess I’m just so lucky that one time I found your site. Now I can be an artist and a computer wizard at the same time.

What you have in this post is really inspiring. I thought of showing it to my colleagues and you can’t imagine how amazed they were upon seeing your sample art work. Now even through screen savers we are competing against each other in terms of the most complicated yet artistic data or computer art.

All the best,


Sat 23 Sep 2006 at 4:57 PM

I love your comment..Thanks

Sat 31 May 2008 at 6:45 AM
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