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The blog post titled "Here is a project: Troll! Data! Analysis!" [kirbybits.wordpress.com] documents a remarkable talk by interactive media and game producer Courtney Stanton (aka Kirby Bits) at the Boston Ignite 8 Conference.

As a rape victim herself, Courtney recently blogged about how she believes rape culture and video game culture intersect with one another. The "giant fight" that subsequently erupted in the comments section became the foundation for a visualization-driven analysis in how and why such a wide and huge discussion occurred.

Using only Google Maps and a few word visualization tools like Phrase Net and Word Tree from Many Eyes, she was able to dissect the content of all the comments, and contrast those that contribute to the discussion from those that were rude and just trolled.

With all the viral infographics around these days, this is finally a story I am interested in to experience.

Thnkx Calvin!



Tue 15 Feb 2011 at 6:09 PM
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