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Online residential real estate site Trulia has been featuring a great set of visualizations lately, all beautifully exploiting their rich dataset of real estate sales and search query statistics. Each visualization focuses on a specific issue, such as when prospective house owners are hunting for houses, whether one should buy or rent a house, how long it takes before a house drops its listing price, and where and what sorts of crimes happen in US cities.

Their newest so-called 'insight', titled "Selling Real Estate: Men vs. Women" [truliablog.com], analyzes various performance metrics of real estate sales divided between male and female real estate agents, including the number of houses offered for sales per agent, and the average price difference of those houses.

Some interesting results show that men put up more houses up for sale than women, but that women tend to take on inherently more expensive homes and neighborhoods than men. Of course, those trends differ from state to state.

More detailed information, including some insights, is available here.