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yesterday made web2.0 history when a massive user rebellion occured against Digg administrators removing users posting about the copyright encryption key for HD-DVD discs. the movie shows the different visualization techniques from digg labs, more precisely how diggers disappear along with the stories as Digg deletes them

[link: youtube.com & labs.digg.com|via aeportal.blogspot.com]


The live pieces on Digg Labs don't actually show stories being deleted from Digg. Swarm, specifically, removes stories from the display either after the story hasn't been dugg in a while, or the total number of stories displayed reaches a reasonable threshold. Diggers similarly disappear when they haven't dugg any of the displayed stories in a while.

So, while it may appear that this video shows stories being deleted and users being banned in realtime, that's actually not the case.

Sat 05 May 2007 at 6:08 AM
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