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As we already noticed from the Adidas Match Tracker post a little while ago, there is some serious sexiness radiating from any dataset that contains each single event during a football/soccer match. Now what about showing these statistics in real-time? Would that disturb your viewing experience?

The World Cup Visualiser [mintdigital.com] proposes a compelling solution: separating your two passions on two separate screens: following a live football match on your massive HDTV screen at home, while exploring the real-time sports statistics on the iPad on your lap. For one, it undoubtedly would augment the average sports discussion with some real facts.

Although there is not much time left before the start of the World Cup, Mint Digital still promises they can push the development of this app in time before the start of the tournament. Who knows, real-time-data-visualization-for-the-masses (any better names?) might end up to be so persuasive, there will be sufficient advertising interest (~budgets) to really make this new phenomenon happen on a much bigger scale...





For iPhone owners, I recommend checking out the similar Total Football 2010 app:


It gives you all the usual information about goals, subs and cards but goes much much further by graphically displaying dozens of match events including every pass, shot, tackle and foul. The unique player influence feature shows which players are making the most impact on the game in a tag cloud type interface.

Not to mention the built in facebook and twitter integration... Perfect for all those who haven't upgraded to an iPad yet!

Thu 10 Jun 2010 at 3:39 AM

:) My husband enjoys tracking the Formula 1 races on the ipad. I will let him know about this one.

Thu 10 Jun 2010 at 12:19 PM

It looks really cool and I would definitely buy it, but please don't send Kaka to Barca and let Roberto Baggio enjoy his retirement. :)

Thu 10 Jun 2010 at 11:08 PM

We we don't really see all the stats there - is it more than just "who scored and at what time" ? It's truely nice looking, but some others apps (iphone at least) seems to be richer.

Fri 11 Jun 2010 at 1:24 AM

We submitted the app to the app store last night. With luck it will be approved soon.

Due to demands from paying clients and other bumps on the road, we haven't been able to complete all the features shown above. But it is still kinda cool.

@GB - the size of the boxes gives a sense of who is most active at any time. the aim is it gives you an at a glance picture of who's having the biggest impact on the match.

@Colm - nice app! (Just to be clear, the big difference with this visualiser is that it is real time).

@Eskil - don't worry, we have shelved the plan to send Kaka to Barca :-)

Fri 11 Jun 2010 at 4:09 AM

Congratulations Andy/Mint on getting the app completed.

If any of you are interested in other visualisations/information graphics and devices around the World Cup, I have included it in my 'Visualising the World Cup' post here: http://www.visualisingdata.com/index.php/2010/06/visualising-the-world-cup-2010/

Fri 11 Jun 2010 at 10:26 AM

Hello, Utku from Mint Digital here. Just to let this is now live on the App Store.

It's called LivePitch. Check it out.


Fri 18 Jun 2010 at 12:27 AM


I need this on my iPad now :)

Sun 20 Jun 2010 at 7:59 AM
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