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'world map' is a series of deconstructed and reconstructed maps, based on historical factors, and correspondences or quirks of the map itself. 'geographic pathologies' is an experiment with connections between geography and anatomy. (also check out moss maps & map dissection I).

[link: ninakatchadourian.com (world map) & ninakatchadourian.com (geographic pathologies)]

see also: genographic world map & worldmapper statistics.






This is ridiculous. Come on! "Geographic Pathologies?" Please! This is all you have to do? I mean, perhaps this could pass as content in MAD magazine or some such ... or maybe a print in the Museum of Modern Art ... but this is NOT information. Unbelievable. This is an insult to the science and art of cartography. What are you guys thinking?

Sat 02 Feb 2008 at 4:59 AM

I would say one word to describe the new exhibition Maps: Finding Our Place in the World: incredible. Everything in this exhibition is an incredible example of mapping, sure, but also history, art, literature, technology, psychology… it hits on so many different aspects of life. I was recently at a preview where the curator, Will Noel, walked us through the exhibition. When He asked us how long ago we thought the Chinese men had mapped out their paths & routes on stone while estimating the gridlines accurately, he said...1130 B.C. What?! Incredible! This exhibition had me saying that a lot! It's a chance to see and learn about rare art and artifacts for all ages. I definitely say it is a must see!

Go to www.baltimore.org/maps/maps.php for more info and to see videos of the curator talking about the exhibition.

Sat 15 Mar 2008 at 1:36 AM
Anna Pens
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