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GoodMorning [blprnt.com] is a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 "good morning" tweets over a 24 hour period, between August 20th and 21st. And this is just a simple sample of Twitter activity around the globe. All tweets are color-coded: green blocks are early tweets, orange ones are around 9am, and red tweets are later in the morning. Black blocks are 'out of time' tweets which said "good morning" (or a non-english equivalent) at a strange time in the day.

You can watch the movies below.

If you love this, you will certainly like the Just Landed! visualization from the same author, Jer Thorp.


That's interesting, but perhaps they could've put a sun showing rotating around as well so we could easily see where it was morning, afternoon, etc. It's really hard to read that little timestamp in the corner.

Tue 25 Aug 2009 at 4:41 AM
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